Friday, July 24, 2009

Affordable Child Care ... a CRAZY social program?

Tonight I decided to relax and polish my nails after a long hard week...but then somehow I found myself browsing around on Google News. I read a story about a preschool program called the Early Childhood Inititive in Ohio having to close because of funding, or lackthereof. So I am putting away the nail polish and getting out the proverbial "pen."

As I read the article, I felt sympathy for those parents who are struggling financially who now have no child care. What about the single mother who has a minimum wage job and manages to pay her rent, utilities, clothe and feed the chidlren, and has no money left to pay for quality childcare? How is this mother supposed to go to work to continue to support her family if there aren't programs like the Early Learning Intiative? No child care for many single parents means NO WORK.

And then I read this quote and I felt my feelings of sympathy being overcome by anger:

Warren County Commissioner Mike Kilburn is all for the [budget] cut. "We've got to stop the craziness of all these social programs," he said. "They're breaking us. We have got to send a message to people that you've got to have responsibility for your kids and your family and doing good by yourself," said Kilburn.


Will we, as a nation, ever grow up and realize that it really does take a village to raise a child? Many other countries are so far ahead of us in providing free or low cost quality programs for children.

Research shows that programs like ELI are succussful and beneficial for children and families. I certainly don't think that such programs will solve all of the woes in our society. But it's foolish of us not to consider the profound effects that quality PreK programs can have on children, especially children who may be potentially at-risk. Pre-K Now describes Ohio's efforts to put early childhood at the forefront; now it seems that they may be taking a couple of steps backwards.

How is your state doing?


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  2. I can let you know that in the state of IL the early childhood programs are in trouble. ISBE reduced the early childhood block grant by 32%. Legislators don't want to do the right and hard thing increase the state income tax so that Social Service programs including Early Childhood programs can continue.

    The legislators and Gov. finally came up with a compromise, does not include a state income tax But still not clear what it means to ECE programs in the state. Esp for families receiving subsidies.


  3. Here in the UK, parents are entitled to 15 hours of free childcare per week.

    And regarding Warren County Commissioner Mike Kilburn, it's always a wonder how people in power can say such things sometimes...


  4. @ Mark - It is great that parents are entitled to at least some portion of free childcare in the UK. We have a long way to go in the U.S. Families in a lower income bracket often qualify to send their child to Head Start but middle class or working class families are not qualify for free child care - thus they end up having to choose subpar child care programs because they can't afford quality programs. Whatever happened to, "It takes a village..."?

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