Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Children See...Children Do

This video was posted on Twitter today and I thought it was worth sharing here because it deserves more than the 140 character limit that Twitter has. This message speaks volumes to parents, teachers, mentors, grandparents, godparents, and other adults who have influence in a child's life.
It's no surprise to us that children like to imitate adults. As a former kindergarten teacher, I only had to look in my dramatic play area and see my students pretending to go shopping, cook dinner, feed the baby, go to work, drive a car...we have more of an influence on children then some of us even imagine. As teachers of young children, take a peek on your playground at recess to see children "playing school." As parents, watch your child play "mommy and daddy." They want to emulate the people that they look up to so it is up to us to provide a positive example of how to live!
How have you influenced the children in your life?

Thank You to @urbaneducation for sharing this wonderful video!

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  1. Children see, children do, it's one of the main ways they learn, especially during the Early Years.

    Heartwarming when you witness the young ones imitating adorable acts such as sharing and playing, but as the video shows, heartbreaking when they pick up the less desirable habits.

    It's always important for adults to remember that eventhough a child may be very young, he/she will still pick up on adult behaviour.




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