Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street

This week I am swamped with things to do. There are projects unfinished, articles to write, a fundraiser to plan, extra hours to be worked, and mounds of work to be done. So yesterday I posted on Twitter: "Hey Tweeps... no new blog this week -- I'm a busy, busy bee - BUT I will re-post some previously mentioned (and wonderful) BOOKS OF THE DAY!" I felt confident that I could cross off "Write Blog" from my Things to Do List. And I went to bed happy.

And then I woke up this morning. I happily went to check my email when I saw a familiar pair of orange legs on my Google Page and I was reminded that Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary is fast approaching! Well, I thought, I cannot let the day pass without paying a little homage to the show that is so synonymous with childhood.

I am thirty-eight years old so I have literally grown up with Big Bird and Friends (my, hasn't he aged well?). I have so many fond memories of watching Sesame Street. What's amazing to me is timelessness of the show. My niece, who is not yet two, knows all of my old favorites like Big Bird and Cookie Monster and she's met some new friends along the way like Elmo, Zoe, and Abby Cadabby. I am amazed when I hear her singing Rubber Ducky and C is for Cookie. Of course, she listens to those songs on her Mommy's i-Pod while I had the old LPs (which I think are still stored in my parents' basement).

Take a walk down Memory Lane by checking out these CLASSIC CLIPS from Sesame Street! (Oh how I looooooved Grover! Cookie Monster was blue and fuzzy but in my mind he had NOTHING on Grover! In fact, one of his books made by BOOK OF THE DAY Monster Mash blog!)

Well, I feel better that I took time out of my day to share a little bit of my childhood with you. Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street! I am looking forward to a year full of PBS excitement!

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