Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teacher Tip: Avoiding Holiday Burnout in the Classroom - Less is More

Holiday time can be overstimulating even for those of us who have had years of experience navigating the hustle and bustle that comes in December. But imagine you are just 2 years old. Your quiet predicable world is snatched out from under you only to be replaced with loud music, twinkling lights, bright colors, crinkling of paper, giant snowmen on every lawn, lighted reindeer everywhere you look, longer days at day care (while parents work, shop, or both), regular teachers and caregivers are on vacation...it's massive sensory overload at home AND at school. It's often too much for preschoolers. So, sometimes, less is more!

Here are a few tips for helping your little ones survive the holidays:
  1. Keep classroom routines the same.
  2. Avoid spending the entire month focusing on celebrations and holidays. Limit your holiday-themed activities to the 3-5 days before the holiday.
  3. Limit holiday decor in the classroom. The younger the child, the fewer decorations you need. Infants, toddlers, and twos have a limited or no concept of holidays. Preschoolers certainly have a better understanding of holidays but they too can become overwhelmed.
  4. Incorporate more calming activities like Yoga Kids: For Ages 3-6 because children may need more relaxation.
What are your tips for maintaining sanity during in your preschool classroom?


  1. We have the Yoga Kids ages 3-6. It's a great dvd! Perfect for exercising indoors during the cold weather. My 4 year old loves doing this with or without me.

  2. Isn't that the coolest? A teacher I know uses it in her classroom and the kids really respond. Comcast has yoga for kinds on demand and my niece loves it. In today's world, kids need some relaxation!!

  3. ChildLight Yoga is an excellent weekend trainning program for preschool teachers! www.childlightyoga.com



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