Monday, June 13, 2011

June 14th is Flag Day!

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What Freedom Means to Me: A Flag Day StoryFlag Day (First Step Nonfiction)Betsy Ross

  • Footprint flag:
    1. Take a sheet of blue construction paper and allow children to cut and paste 50 star shapes on the paper.
    2. On white tagboard, lightly pencil off a section in the left corner (you will later glue the blue starred paper here).
    3. This part may be best done outside: fill a shallow tray with red paint. Let children step in the red paint and walk across the white tagboard, making the red "stripes" of the flag. Tips: make sure to add a shallow thin layer of paint to the tray (too much paint will make blobs instead of footprints; hold the child's hand while they walk across the paper so that they don't slip; after they walk across, have a hose to rinse children's feet off.)
    4. After the paint dries, attach the blue stars and tadahhhh, you have a flag!
  • Flag Cake:
    1. Bake a yellow cake in a rectangular 9x13 pan.
    2. While cake is cooling, rinse strawberries and blueberries. Hull and slice strawberries length wise.
    3. After cake cools, add white frosting. Then add blueberries in the left corner and add strawberries for the stripes.
    4. OR, you can try this no-bake recipe from Kraft!
  • Craft Stick Flag: The directions from Enchanted Learning suggest that you cut tiny stars but you can also use a star hole punch like this one this one from Amazon and the kids love it! 
  • Learn about Betsy Ross.

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