Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Favorite Preschool Olympic Links

I often get excited about the world around me and current events; it is during those times that I miss teaching the most. That's why this blog is such a labor of love for me. It's my own little outlet for sharing all of the teaching ideas swirling around my head! In a previous post, I talk about choosing children's books that you, as an adult, would enjoy reading. Children pick up on our excitement and it spills over into their learning. I have always loved the Olympics and every two years I looked forward to doing an Olympic theme in my classroom. It's a fun way to cover many topics. Not only can children learn about sports (that's far from the main purpose of the theme), but they can learn about various countries around the world, ancient history, and get a good dose of gender equity sprinkled on top. So, indulge me for a moment as I share some of the great links and books that I found that may inspire you to use the Winter Games as a learning theme in your classroom!

Everything Preschool has books, art activities, and games that you can use for an Olympic theme.

ABC Teach contains Olympic facts, a coloring page, and certificates. You will also find links for Summer and Winter Olympics

Visit the Official Website of the Vancouver Olympics to Meet the Mascots, Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi!

Enchanted Learning has templates for flags around the world, a special Olympic section with tons of printables & information, and information on Canada, the host of this year's Winter Olympics.

Preschool Education has a few additional Olympic-related links and activities.

National Geographic Kids and Canadian Geographic Kids are great places to learn information about Canada.

Reading Rockets has a great list of Winter Olympic Books.

What current events do you use in your home or classroom as a springboard for learning?

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