Tuesday, July 6, 2010

K is for Kick: A Soccer Alphabet

K is for Kick: A Soccer Alphabet (Alphabet Books)
  • Make flags to represent some of the World Cup Teams.
  • Learn some World Cup Facts in this quiz from National Geographic for Kids; older kids may be able to take the quiz independently.
  • At the easel or art table, provide white paper cut in circles. Encourage children to design their own soccer balls.
  • More World Cup Activities such as 100 Facts About the World Cup, The 2010 World Cup Anthem, Soccer Dictionary, and a ton of other links from Teacher Planet.
  • Still more World Cup activities from Activity Village, a UK site.
  • Get a soccer ball and learn some easy soccer moves or try these inflatable soccer balls ($9.99 per dozen) from Oriental Trading.
  • Learn about South Africa in these BBC Learning Zone Clips.
  • Check out these Soccer Printables from Kaboose.
  • Compare American Football with Football (i.e. soccer). For example:
    • Similarities: both sports use a ball; both players wear a uniform; both sports have a goal; etc.
    • Differences: one ball is round, the other is oblong; you can use your hands in football but not in soccer; players wear helmets in football; etc.
More Soccer Books:

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  1. Thanks! My boys are crazy over the World Cup and we just bought that book, so I'm glad to read your ideas!

  2. Awesome selection - I love them all. I just can't go into a children's bookstore without loading up.



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