Monday, September 3, 2012

Book of the Month: Schools Have Learn by Harriet Ziefert

In many classrooms across the country tomorrow is the first day of school. Here is a fun little way to start the year off:

This book may be enjoyable for preschooler and kindergartners, but first and even second graders will enjoy it too. There are lots of twists and wordplay that older children will enjoy: From "Beds have jumps. Cereal has lumps. Good-byes have hugs. Backpacks have lugs." To "History has facts. Math has subtracts. Geometry has lines. Multiplication tables have nines."

Related Activity:
Have children write their own version of the story. For younger children you can give them some help by starting off with a title and letting them each write and illustrate a page for a class book. For older children, you can pair them up to write books to share with the class. Some ideas:
  • Animals Have Zoos (a book about animals and habitats)
  • Feet Have Shoes (a book about clothes and/or seasonal clothing)
  • Skeletons Have Bodies (a book about body parts)
The ideas are endless!

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  1. I would enjoy reading this book to a group of first time preschooler/kindergarten students. You also provided me with an activity for the students to be creative, as well as work in small groups together. I also enjoyed the list of other books that can provide the same activities for different subjects of learning.



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