About Me

About Me:
Many years ago, my two best friends and I spent our summers planning to open a summer camp in our own neighborhood. Now, really, we were only about 8 or 9 years old ourselves! The summer camp never opened (what parent would drop off their 5 year old to us when we weren't much older!), but not for lack of trying. Our parents never doubted us and even supported our ventures. They took us to the library and we checked out books on summer camp, and they even bought us clipboards! Now, having a clipboard makes you official, right? Well, that's what we thought too! Aside from the summer camp, we had many other plans in our younger years. We planned plays, musicals, and dance schools over the next few years. Our childhood set us in motion to become the women that we are today.

Fast forward thirty-some years and the three of us are still the best of friends - and all three of us work with children in some capacity! When I entered undergraduate school, I knew for a fact I wanted to work with children. Initially I thought I'd major in Mass Communications and work for the Children's Television Workshop, which produced Sesame Street. But when I went to actually declare a major, Early Childhood seemed like a better fit. After finishing school, I found myself in my element, teaching preschool and kindergarten, and all was right with the world!

Wanting to further my career, I finished undergraduate work in Psychology and received my M.Ed in 2008. This blog was born out of my love and passion for the magic of childhood. Writing about early childhood brings a joy to me that  I can't describe. The thought that someone gains a spark or an idea from this blog is what keeps me coming back.

Since I've started blogging, I've managed to kill the plant but keep the dog, and gain over 1000 Twitter followers in the process.

Where To Find Me:

The Tide, MDAEYC (pg. 6)

A Few of My Favorite Pictures:
 I'm loving my new Canon Rebel!

Maryland's Eastern Shore

A Rainbow in my Backyard

I love my Baltimore Ravens!

Sunrise in Ocean City

The Bay Bridge

The view from my door after the Blizzard of 2010!

Disclosure Statement: I created this blog out of a desire to help parents and teachers find quality children's books and developmentally appropriate activities. The only financial incentive I receive may be a modest amount from Google AdSense and Amazon (from any purchases made through the links I provide). To date, I have not made any significant financial gain from either AdSense or Amazon. In addition, I occasionally Tweet ads from Sponsored Tweets. Any ads that I tweet will be clearly labeled as such; the sponsored tweets I feature will be those I believe to be of interest to the readers of my blog.

If a company/author would like me to review a product/book I will do so under the following conditions:
  • I will review products that will interest parents and educators of young children.
  • Any product/book that I do not like or believe in, may not be featured.
  • When possible, free products I receive will be given away to blog followers so that there is no financial gain for the product review. (Exceptions might be products which are consumed or otherwise used in order to complete the review; or products that are for "one time" or "individual" use).

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