Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's the PROCESS, not the "Product" by Marcia Maynard

A wonderful quality about preschoolers is their love to just DO something. When making art projects, they're happy just squirting glue or cutting paper. They don't need a fancy final product.

If your child can use scissors by himself, supply him with different types of paper. Magazine pages, junk mail, a finished coloring book, empty tea boxes (thick cardboard, such as cereal boxes can be hard to cut, look for thinner boxes). Place a paper bag on the floor next to the table where he's cutting. He can put the cut pieces into the bag for recycling.

If your child is just learning how to cut, sit with him and hold the paper while he cuts. He may need to hold the scissors in both hands in order to cut.

Have a no project art project morning and enjoy.

Marcia Maynard is a certified reading specialist and early childhood educator. She is the mother of two boys and blogs about preschool activities at

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  1. I am always uplifted when I read about children exploring art on their own terms rather than copying an adult made sample. Thank you!

    I have many free art ideas on my website, several from each of the 20+ books I have written, and invite your readers to have some fun with them. Also, my new blog is having a big 25th anniversary whingding. I can't believe I've been giving workshops and writing books for 25 years, and I still L O V E I T !!!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog,

    MaryAnn Kohl, art author



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