Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ten Benefits of Reading to Baby

Too often, people think that children will learn to read when they go to school. However, the process of learning to read, begins at birth. This doesn't mean that parents should rush out and buy flashcards and expensive reading programs! The journey towards becoming a reader is as close as your local bookstore or library! Reading to your baby has many advantages:
  1. It is a bonding experience between the adult and the child.
  2. A baby's brain is still developing; reading significantly stimulates this brain development.
  3. Infants learn to listen to and comprehend language.
  4. Reading exposes children to new vocabulary and concepts.
  5. Babies learn literacy fundamentals such as: associating pictures with words, turning pages in a book, holding a book the "right" way, etc.
  6. Infants begin to learn the significance of various tones of voice when parents read with expression.
  7. Attention span, listening skills, and memory are increased.
  8. Children are exposed to literacy concepts such as rhyme, rhythm, and repetition.
  9. Babies are more likely to grow up with a love of reading; studies show that children who enjoy reading are more likely to experience future academic success.
  10. Children's knowledge of the world around them is increased when parents and teachers choose books that include relevant text and engaging illustrations.
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