Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!


Love them or hate them, bugs are back! Many children are fascinated by at least one type of bug and now that the warm weather has come, it is the perfect time to have children become entomologists!

Creepy Crawly Activities:
  1. Look on You Tube (or other video sites) for bug cams. I found this one with just a few seconds so I'm sure there are a ton more!
  2. Google the web for diagrams of insects and learn the names and purpose of each part. Here are a few:
  3. Keep a Bug Journal for one week. Each day the children go outside and find one insect to observe. They can draw or write about their observations in their journal. Encourage children to look in different places - in the soil, on the ground, in the air - and write down where they found their insects. Make a class graph of the places everyone found their insects.
  4. The Good List: Make a list of all of the GOOD things insects do for our environment.
  5. Provide children clay and collage materials and encourage chilren to create their own bug and allow them to give their bug a name.
  6. Yes or No: Provide children with pictures of various animals and insects (print them from the web and laminate them if you want to keep them for a while). Label one basket "Insects" and the other "Not Insects" and allow children to sort the pictures. This is also a great quiet time activity for those children who don't nap very long!

Creepy Crawly Links:
More Creepy Crawly Books:


Special Thank You:
Over one year ago, I received a product review request from EZ Socks. Before we could test the socks, using my then-2-year old niece, I had to take a break from blogging. My niece has just turned four and is quite the pro now at putting on her socks. I am sorry that I didn't get to give a fair review of EZ Socks but I hope that my readers check them out:

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