Friday, August 27, 2010

Back To School Book of the Day: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn: "In this contemporary classic Chester Raccoon seeks love and reassurance from his mother as he ventures out into the world to attend his very first day of school."

The first day of school is often challenging for children, but more often for parents! Parents and teachers working together can help ease some of the anxiety related to the first day of school. Here are some tips:
  1. Have time for parents and children to visit the classroom together before the first day.
  2. Remind parents to ALWAYS tell their child before they are leaving and to NEVER sneak out of the classroom. Sneaking away may be an "easy out" for the parent; but the next day, it is likely that the child will just cling closer because they are unsure when/if their parent will "disappear!"
  3. Help parents to create a routine for drop-off time and stick to it.
  4. Encourage parents to bring in family pictures BUT instead of posting these pictures on a bulletin board, place them where children can reach them whenever they want. For example, ask parents to bring in a small photo album (dollar stores are wonderful for goodies like this) filled with pictures of family, friends, pets. Or, teachers can laminate the photos and put them on a loose leaf ring. Place photos booklets in a wicker basket on a shelf of the classroom so children can have access whenever they need to see their family.
  5. Make a class book to send home with each child. Using a digital camera, take photos of each child and teacher and write a sentence about each person. Print the pictures (laminate them if you can) and bind them. Send them home with each child so that parents can read them to their children!
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  1. Oh I love The Kissing Hand! Thanks for all of the great book recommendations. We share a passion for young children and literacy.

    When we can get a free minute we are going to link up to your blog over at waddlee-ah-chaa. You have great info for parents and teachers! :)

  2. We give this book to our students at our home visit. We recommend that parents read this with their child and make their own special kiss to ease the transition from home to school.

  3. Jeannine,
    This blog is really a passion of mine so when other folks get excited about it, it makes me super-happy! I'd be honored to have you share my blog on your awesomely fun website! I have to make sure that I add you to my site too!

  4. Amanda - That is so cool to hear. I love this book and I think sharing it with students and parents is a great idea!

  5. The kissing hand really is my favourite - I use it every September.

  6. We love this book. I read it to my son before his first day of preschool and the teacher happen to read it as well. The books you've listed here for beginning of school are great. Thanks for sharing.



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