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In the spirit of full disclosure, I must tell you that I am choosing Olivia as my book of the day, since she is a close personal friend of mine :-). Here we are at the Baltimore Book Festival:

Olivia, an incorrigible, feisty, intelligent little pig (who might remind you of a few preschoolers you may know) is the subject of this Caldecott Award-winning book by Ian Falconer.

Related Classroom Activities:

  • Show children some images of Jackson Pollack's art work.Encourage children to create illustrations similar to Pollack's. Frame the art and hang in the classroom or hallways!This activity may be best outdoors or in an area fully covered since it can get messy. Children can drip paint, use fly swatters to create splatter, use eye droppers or turkey basters, create the Pollack effect. If funds are available, visit your local craft store and find small canvases that will work with tempera paints and have children create their Pollack images on canvas!

  • At the art table, provide black, white and red charcoal (or chalk) and encourage children to create drawings similar to Falconer's.

  • Make sand castles in the sand table or sand box.

  • Find online Olivia Printables.

  • Make a graph after asking the children how many books they read at night with their parent.

  • Revisit Olivia's escapades in the book. Make a photocopy of each. Divide a large sheet of chart paper in half. On one side, put a smiley face (Good Choice) and on the other, a sad face (Bad Choice). Have the children discuss each of Olivia's antics and decide if it was a good choice or bad choice (looking at a painting in a museum --> good choice; painting on the wall at home--> bad choice!)

  • Visit Olivia's website! Learn about the author, print coloring pages, play online games, and more.

  •  Purchase a stuffed pig or an Olivia Doll. Each night, allow one student to take home the Olivia book and doll and read it at home with the family. As an added writing activity, send home an "Olivia Journal" and have the child draw a picture of what Olivia did at their house that night.

  • Read more Olivia books (see below).


  1. Olivia is probably our favorite book right now. My daughter has done some black and white painting, she painted a ceramic piggy bank (from the dollar tree) and also I made her an Olivia mask:

  2. You can't help but love this story!



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