Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Tip Tuesday: Book Hospital

When the adults around them value books, so do children. Here are some ways to help children learn to take care of the books in your classroom or home library:
  • In the beginning of the school year (or when new children enroll in your program), openly discuss ways we take care of our books: Turning pages gently, putting them back on the shelf, etc.
  • Create a "Book Hugger" bulletin board and when children display behavior that shows that they are taking care of books, write down what they've done and put it on the bulletin board.
  • When books get damaged, have children place them in the "Book Hospital" for repairs. Teachers should keep the following items handy for book repairs: packing tape, book repair tape, glue, clear contact paper, a book stapler (one that allows you to staple books at the spine). 
airlifts,ambulances,cartoons,doctors,emergencies,hospitals,illnesses,iStockphoto,landings,medicines,recoveries,safetiesTo make your book hospital:
  1. Collect a small or medium sturdy box.
  2. Paint it white OR cover it with white butcher paper. Draw or paint a hospital on the outside of the box.
  3. Write "Book Hospital" one side of the box.
  4. Add a blanket and small pillow, just for fun.
When children find a damaged book in the classroom, or if they accidentally damage it themselves, they can place the book in the "hospital" and the teacher (perhaps with help from a child) can help repair the book. Visit this Squidoo link for book repair tips.

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  1. that is really nice. if the kids are shown how to take care of the books the right way. but accidents happen and that is a goo idea.
    lisa h, vpk teacher



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