Monday, August 8, 2011

BOOK OF THE MONTH: It's Back to School We Go

It'S Back To School We Go!
It's Back To School We Go! By: Ellen Jackson

"In easy-to-read text, describes what the first day of school might be like for a child in Kenya, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Peru, Germany, India, Russia, and the United States."

Related Activities:
  • Use a large class map (there is a map in the book) to mark the countries mentioned in the story.
  • Invite parents, teachers, and other staff members to bring in pictures of their first day of school. Chidlren will be delighted to see the adults in their life as little children!
  • Talk about the similarities and differences in children's experiences.

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  1. Well. don't forget to give tips to your kids before going back to school. I know kids are excited about the starting of school, and I'm over-joyed and look forward to all of us being on a regular schedule again.



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