Wednesday, January 18, 2012

System Overload

Hello Readers, Bloggers, Educators, Parents, and Literature Lovers! I have been M.I.A. for a while I know. It's been a bit challenging to find time to write lately. You may remember that I had to take a break a while back. Life is still throwing some curve balls my way. Because of my current work situation, I'm doing the work of two people (but getting paid for the work of one, LOL. But isn't that how it always is?). Hopefully someone will be hired soon and I can have my free time back. But right now, my life is filled with the JOY of helping to take care of my niece and nephew and the BURDEN of extra work. But please don't take that in a negative way. In this world, I am grateful to be gainfully employed. And even though there is more work on my plate, I work at a place that I want to see THRIVE so I'm putting in all of the extra energy that I have.

I learned quickly how to live a new normal, and when I can return to that normal, I will be back to blog. Every now and then, I will pop in to write a quick post. But if there are any educators or parents who would be interested in doing a guest post, email me at earlyliteracycounts at gmail dot com.

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