Friday, June 18, 2010

BOOK OF THE DAY: P is for Putt: A Golf Alphabet

P is for Putt: A Golf Alphabet (Alphabet Books)

I purchased this book for the illustrations alone! They are so vibrant and realistic that some of them could be hanging on a wall. Again, like Z is for Zookeeper, there is short rhyming text for each letter of the alphabet, but then there are side bars with additional information. One of the things I love about this book is that there are girls playing golf too. The illustrations not only consider (and combat) gender stereotypes, but there is also a young African-American girl featured in the story.

Golf Activities:

  • If you can't visit a golf course, make your own miniature golf course! Also keep in mind that many Dollar Stores have golf sets for young children.

  • Paint with golf balls: Save a few box tops (the sturdy ones that your copy machine paper comes in works well). Inside each box top, tape a sheet of paper and add a few drops of paint (as a bonus fine motor activity, give the children large eye droppers and allow them to add a few drops of paint. If you want to throw in a counting activity, tell them to count their drops of paint!). Toss in a few golf balls (2-3) and allow the children to gently tilt the box top back and forth and from side to side.As the balls roll around in the paint, a wonderful abstract design will appear on the paper.

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